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Teach Me How To Write’s purpose is to spread the love of writing to everyone no matter their age or experience. We are all crafted unique and every voice matters, including yours. We explore what it means to become an adult and find our identity. This is a home of limitless thoughts and collaborative learning. Let’s reach for the stars together.

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Healthy Relationships

I found my focus for 2023. It came to me when I was doing my bedtime routine, when all my genius realizations hit me. Healthy relationships. I know when you think of relationships you think of the association of one person to another person or persons. But I mean relationships of all kinds. I want…

Becoming A Leader

Are you really ever ready to be a leader? Mentally? Spiritually? Physically? I mean you always hear “You’re never ready to be a parent.” You just have a kid and have to figure it out. And being a parent is being a leader. And I think you can say the same thing whether it’s being…

“Just A Side Character” – Monologue

It was a beautiful love story. With a happy ending. She was the main character. And I thought I was the other. But turns out, I’m just a friend. I should’ve realized it was never going to be me. I should’ve known I never fit the role. I didn’t even have a chance. And I…