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Teach Me How To Write’s purpose is to spread the love of writing to everyone no matter their age or experience. We are all crafted unique and every voice matters, including yours. We explore what it means to become an adult and find our identity. This is a home of limitless thoughts and collaborative learning. Let’s reach for the stars together.

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My Progress So Far…

I set out to make 2022 to be the most hard-working year in my life. Here is how it’s going so far.  One of the first aspirations I had when deciding what I wanted to accomplish in 2022 was to take school more seriously. While I do believe that I’m taking school far more seriously … Continue reading My Progress So Far…

What’s Life – Poem

Trying to figure out what’s life None of my fruits are ripe Can’t find the words to type Everything I loved I only like I thought I had it all figured out But I forgot what I’m about My default face is a pout I stay silent, but I want to shout Everyday is a … Continue reading What’s Life – Poem