Struggling to Create

I’m in a slump. I don’t have the motivation or energy to create. Nothing new, but it sucks every time. Being in a slump sucks, especially as a creator. Sure, when you’re an athlete and you aren’t performing close to how you should be, it sucks. But you can still practice, play, and watch the sport and enjoy it. But as a writer, it’s exponentially worse. Everything you write is worse than trash, it isn’t even worth being reread. Instantly, you give up on the idea. And when I’m in a slump, I can never focus on anything. So, reading is a complete waste of time. It would take an hour just to read a few pages. And chances are I probably would barely grasp what those few pages were about. 

Being in a slump doesn’t sound all too bad at first. When it starts, I tend to ignore the fact that I am lacking motivation and energy so that I can rest and be lazy all day. Until I become numb to things. My brain goes on low-power mode and my body is on auto-pilot. It’s as if my heart has stopped beating. And at any moment, even low-power mode and auto-pilot won’t be enough to get you through another day. Luckily, I am slowly getting out of the slump.

Inspiration. The key to getting out of a slump is getting inspired. You can be inspired by anything really. It can be a lyric, your muse, or something as simple as a smile. Even as an introvert, I often find myself losing track of things when I isolate myself from my friends. I always try to beat a slump on my own, thinking I can do anything without any help. I still believe I can, but I have friends for a reason. So this time, I talked to them. Most of them I just wanted to have a normal conversation with and catch up. I told a few that I wasn’t feeling too good so I wanted to talk about my feelings. But it always just ends up like a normal conversation where we catch up with each other. And I wouldn’t ask for it to be any other way.

It doesn’t always have to be a friend who inspires you. Sometimes it’s someone you’ve never met before. I happened to be scrolling through Instagram and found that one of my followers has her own business as well as a youtube video. Although she isn’t a huge success, she has definitely inspired me. I ended up watching one of her youtube videos. Around two minutes in, I was extremely proud. You could just tell that she was hard-working, optimistic, and most of all, sincere. I have never met eyes with this girl, but I just know that she is going to do big things. In fact, I think she is already amazing. We are the same age, yet I feel like she is levels ahead of me. I may not know this girl or her situation, but her maturity is what caught my attention. Her branding and aesthetic felt so natural and personal. A key point in her video was productivity. Something I struggle with often. She was more productive in a day than I was in the last few weeks, but nothing was rushed or forced. It’s like creating came natural to her. 

Now that I feel inspired to create again. In order to stay productive and reach my goals, I must be consistent. Not only at writing, but in my lifestyle. I have to consistently make choices to lead me to be a better version of myself. I need to choose to work out and eat healthy. I need to choose to take time to write and read. I need to sleep early and get up as soon as my alarm goes off. This is all easier said than done, but that’s what makes it so worthwhile. If it was as easy to do as to say, then I would just wish for a million dollars and the ability to fly. 

The most important factor in creating is the creator. So never neglect yourself. The creations will only ever be as good as the creator. Make sure to take time to rest, have fun, and take in the beautiful creations God has already made.

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