“If I Had the Chance” – Monologue

Synopsis: A young teenage boy argues with his best friend who just declined her opportunity to follow her dreams. He tries to convince her that she may never get this chance again, but he ends up confessing his love for her and that he wants the best for her. 

Zack: “No, I’m not mad at you. I could never be mad at you, I love you. I’m…I’m just disappointed. I mean, what are you doing? You had it right there! Right in front of you. I know better than anyone else, even you. You worked so hard to get to this moment, and you just threw it away. The countless hours you stayed up, every single penny you saved up, the dedication and passion you had, all of it, gone. Wasted. This chance might not come ever again. If your dreams are right in front of you, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. You should drop everything and go after it. I know I would. If I had the chance at my dream, I would drop everything in my life, just to be with you…So what are you gonna do? Go, make your dreams a reality.”

(This is one of the first pieces I’ve ever written. Let me know in the comments how I can improve this monologue!) 

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