One of the biggest problems we face as humans is that we are forever flawed. Everyone wants to progress in life. Yet, we struggle with constant battles with others, the world, and more importantly, ourselves. This halts our progress and sometimes feels like we are further back than when we started. And it’s inevitable because we are far from perfect and make bad decisions and we will all continue to do so. Whatever our goals may be, we all want to progress or at least be content. But it’s easier said than done. We have to be consistent, disciplined, and have the right attitude and mindset. At the same time, we deal with procrastination, unexpected setbacks, and the risk of burning out.

While it doesn’t seem productive to take a break due to burn out or losing time and money because of an unprecedented issue, it is inevitable. So we shouldn’t look down on these moments, but instead use them to learn and grow. In fact, you have probably heard someone say this at some point whether it was to you or someone around you. But the problem is that people don’t take this advice to heart. I on the other hand look forward to the downs of a journey. Sounds kind of crazy, right?

A setback keeps me on my feet and holds me accountable. And not just that, but it makes the journey more fun. If you don’t understand stocks, there’s a term called the dip. This means the value of a stock is decreasing. Which may sound bad at first, but many see this as an opportunity to start buying the stock while prices are lower, in hopes that the value will increase. So I feel the same way about the process. Sometimes things will be going swell and you feel like everyday is a step forward. Then one day, things go terrible and you end up in a slump. You feel like you are back at your worst. I see this as an opportunity to look back and see how I ended up where I am. To critique my routine and see if I can improve it, even if it did feel like I was making progress. You don’t want to give up. Because when you get to the finish line and tell the story of your race, you can tell everyone how you finished, despite all the obstacles you faced. 

Criticism and hate will be directed towards you. But that means you are growing and eyes are on you because they see you making moves that they aren’t doing. Take the negative energy and turn it into motivation. Either you let the haters eat you up or you prove them wrong. And if the haters are right, they aren’t haters. They weren’t spitting lies or spreading gossip about you. If I let the hatred eat me up, my biggest hater was me. I had more control over my life than anyone else, so if it ended up terrible, I am at fault. Running away from negative energy can never truly be possible. Because every individual will have doubts and negative thoughts about themselves no matter their situation or status. So don’t expect the negativity to just disappear, it’ll catch up to you eventually. Instead, focus on adding more positive energy to your life. 

But what does it really mean to progress? To me, it just means to not give up. Days where we aren’t productive or we end up making a mistake are inevitable. In fact, we need days that feel like the worst in order to push us for better days. Maybe it’s by taking a few days off to recover, whether it be mentally, physically, or spiritually. Or looking for something that we enjoy. Even simply, finding something that makes us smile.

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