“Not A Date” – Scene

Synopsis: Christoph meets Veronica when he goes on a family trip. They happen to be staying in nearby hotel rooms. Late at night, they go outside and hang out looking up at the stars. 

VERONICA: What are we doing?

CRISTOPH: Looking at the stars. I thought that was obvious. 

VERONICA: No, we barely know each other. We literally met today. And what, are we on a date?

CRISTOPH: No, definitely not.

VERONICA: Ow, that didn’t hurt at all.

CRISTOPH: This is not a first date. When we do, you will know for sure. It will be the most romantic and fun first date you’ll ever experience.

VERONICA: Yeah? What are we gonna do?

CRISTOPH: I can’t say. It has to be a surprise.

VERONICA: Well, will there ever be a first date?

CRISTOPH: What do you mean? 

VERONICA: Neither of us are from here. We live on different sides of the nation. We just happened to run into each other and tomorrow we will be strangers again. It’s not realistic. 

CRISTOPH: I know. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Look, you see that group of stars right there. It’s a constellation called Delphinus, or dolphin. 

VERONICA: You know alot about stars?

CRISTPOH: Yeah, don’t tell anyone. But I’d rather spend nights staring at the stars than out partying. It’s kind of nerdy, huh?

VERONICA: That’s really cool, also lame.

CRISTOPH: Shut up!

VERONICA: You called it nerdy first.

CRISTOPH: Whatever. See, now I forgot what I was talking about.

VERONICA: About some dolphin constellation.

CRISTOPH: Oh yeah. There’s a legend that says Poseidon’s messenger, named Delphinus, helped Poseidon find a beautiful nymph, named Amphirite. She was his first love and they got married. And so the gods made a constellation out of gratitude for her. 


CRISTOPH: No I think that actually might be the big dipper. 

(They laugh)

VERONICA: Is the story true?

CRISTOPH: Yeah, but it’s not that good of a story. She rejected him at first and he ended up having another wife later.

VERONICA: It’s beautiful though, isn’t it?

CRISTOPH: Yeah. Beautiful.

(VERONICA is looking up at the constellation. CRISTOPH is looking at VERONICA) 

VERONICA: Look, those stars make a hand.

CRISTOPH: They do, and there are more stars over there that also look like a hand. They kind of look like they’re reaching out to each other.

VERONICA: That’s cute. And sad, they’ll never get to reach each other ever.

CRISTOPH: But they keep trying, every single night.

VERONICA: What should we name it?

CRISTOPH: The stars? 

VERONICA: Yeah, it’s our very own constellation. Let’s call it something.

CRISTOPH: Oh, let’s combine our names.

VERONICA: CRISNICA? VEROTOPH? Definitely not doing that. 

CRISTOPH: Well, I don’t know. But every night I look at the stars, I am going to look for those two hands longing for one another. And I’ll remember you. And I’ll remember today, the day we met and looked up at the stars together. 

VERONICA: Me too… It’s getting cold.

CRISTOPH: And pretty late. I think we should go back now.

VERONICA: Yeah, I think my mom might get worried.

CRISTOPH: Thanks for stargazing with me. Can’t wait to do it again. 

VERONICA: Oh is that going to be a part of our amazing first date?

CRISTOPH: Oh no, I said too much. 

VERONICA: Well, I look forward to it. Goodnight, Cristoph.

CRISTOPH: Goodnight, Veronica.

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