Talking to Myself

My biggest habit is talking to myself. I do more than I even realize. It takes people to stare at me in public like I’m crazy to make me realize that I’m talking to myself. At first glance, it’s a bad habit, but it’s when I’m talking to myself that I learn the most about myself. 

To clarify, when I say I talk to myself, I mean about anything and everything. It can be about something super silly or my biggest crises. Imagine having a best friend you tell everything to, but instead of someone else it’s just yourself. I don’t really have a best friend right now, and I never really had someone I told everything about my life. I took it so far in high school that I created my own language and words, or so I said. I honestly just used a bunch of words and changed their definitions to something completely off. I prefer to be a more private and mysterious person. Might be surprising to you as I write about myself and post it on the internet to be seen by anyone forever, but I don’t like it when people know every detail about my life, even just my day. 

I like to think I talk to myself for a few reasons. The first is somewhat sad, but I also enjoy it. The first reason would be I have no friends. Although I am joking, there is still some truth behind it. I know I have friends, but I don’t really communicate with them that much and I don’t have a designated “best-friend.” The second big reason would be that I come up with the craziest stories. And when I say crazy, I mean if I were to tell someone these stories, they would think I was crazy. So, I just tell myself the stories. To no surprise, I find myself a little crazy. 

Now, talking to oneself is typically perceived as a bad thing. It is used to represent being lonely, weird, or isolated. Or when someone is feeling strongly about something so they just blurt it out to get it off their chest even if no one’s listening. Yet, if I never talked to myself, I think I would be a pretty dull person. My brain tends to move pretty quickly, usually faster than I can comprehend or even understand myself. So saying it aloud helps me realize what I’m actually thinking. Similar to how some teachers say it helps to speak aloud when you’re studying to better intake the information, which works. And the only con I find is when I’m in public and people stare at me like I’m weird. But I’ve actually used it to break the ice with people I’m not close to. So it’s not that bad. 

If you also have a habit of speaking to yourself, don’t stop. No one understands you more than you. Just beware speaking your thoughts into existence can make it a reality. But that also means you can speak your dreams into reality. 

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