“Only You” – Monologue

SYNOPSIS: Jackson is speaking to Clara, a patient at the same hospital that is unconscious and the doctors have very little hope in her waking up.

JACKSON: People always start eulogies like “I remember when we first met,” or “It felt like it was yesterday.” They say it isn’t a big deal. They think back to the good ole’ days and when they were young and got to do stupid things together. Well, they’re lucky. Some of us can’t say those words. I only got to know you for a few days, and now you’re ignoring me. You won’t even look at me. I know you’re the one unconscious, but I feel like I’m dead. I did, my entire life. It was you who woke me up. I felt alive. If I was dying, then now my existence is disappearing. At least before people would pity me, now they don’t even dare to look at me. It’s like they think I’m satisfied, like I lived my purpose. But they’re wrong.  They didn’t help me. It was only you. You made me smile. You gave me hope. You saved me. But I didn’t even try to save you. I only just found you. I didn’t think life was worth living. It’s dull, predictable, yet uncontrollable. But you taught me that I can make it worth living. You taught me the worth of a smile is worth more than anything else in the world. Which sucks because I would give up everything to see you smile just once more. 

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