“I Wish It Was Me” – Monologue

Synopsis: Gabe breaks the news with his girlfriend, Zoe, that he wants to end their relationship and it is all her fault. 

GABE: I’m sorry, but I think it’d be best if we stopped seeing each other. I just don’t think I can do this anymore, and I don’t think you want to anymore either. (beat) That’s it. You’re not even going to look at me. Cool, that’s fine with me. It’s easier to say this when you’re not looking at me anyways. The real reason we’re breaking up is you. It’s completely your fault. I wish it was me. But I can’t think of a single reason this is my fault. Really. When I first met you, you spoke of so many of your dreams. You set so many goals that you swear you would push for and I was all for it. I fell in love with your passion and ability to motivate yourself and even me. But then I waited, time and time again. I just waited. Nothing happened. I kept supporting you and I stayed by your side. But all you did was complain and make excuses for yourself. And that’s your problem. It’s all in there. It’s all in your head. You live in your own little world, where you can be anything and where everything revolves around you. Then when the real world hits you, you give up. It’s sad really. Did you think it was gonna be easy? Or maybe you think the world just chooses to pick on you and only you? That you did everything in your power to become successful and happy. Well, it doesn’t work like that. You have to be a go-getter. You can’t just give up and try something else. Because then you’ll never succeed at anything. You have to appreciate the small victories, even the meaningless ones, you can’t take them for granted. I tried helping you see that, and I thought you were getting better. But now I can see you can’t even look at the person who loved you most.

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