Somehow, I got the coronavirus. It wasn’t fun. It all started after Christmas and my father was starting to get sick. He had a fever and a cold. I also started developing a cough at the time but I didn’t think too much about it. Then one day, I started to feel aches around my body that I had never felt before. I told my mom and she told me to isolate myself just like my father was doing. I wasn’t too happy about this. I went to get tested the next day. So I went to Kaiser and waited in line. And waited. Then over four hours later, I stick a long, skinny q-tip looking thing up both my nostrils. I drive home exhausted and light-headed. Before the results were out, I already knew that I had COVID. Later that day, I go to the emergency room at a different Kaiser where they swab me and tell me I’m positive for COVID while giving me some medication to help deal with the body aches. I didn’t feel too great, but I also felt like being alone for 10 days was easy for me or even fun rather than painful. 

So the next day, I am feeling a lot better. The medicine helped ease the body aches making me feel like this quarantine was going to be easy-peasy. And boy was I wrong. I was at least glad that I didn’t feel pain all over my body while doing nothing all day. But unfortunately, I did struggle eating. My appetite was gone and I felt like everything I ate would make me throw up. But I pushed through and ate what I had planned to eat weeks before. Carne asada fries. After one bite, I suddenly had my appetite back after eating the food I so craved for months of trying to eat healthier. Besides not having an appetite, I also didn’t have the energy to do anything. Not even the energy to turn on my laptop and watch something on Netflix. But I motivated myself to pick up a book and officially finish my tenth book of the year. I thought to myself, What a way to spend New Year’s Eve!

It’s technically the fourth day of having COVID symptoms, and I’m feeling okay. Not the worst, but definitely nowhere near my best. Hardest part of today was the headaches. My fever had gone down but I was having headaches all the time. They weren’t unbearable, but they made doing anything feel mind boggling. Now that I finished my book, I don’t really have the motivation to start another one just yet. And I’m too busy waiting for the final season of Attack on Titan to come out, which is the one bright light at the end of quarantine. So I decided to watch something that I know I would enjoy, but am not too invested in cause I couldn’t handle one of those right now. So, I started to rewatch Boys Over Flowers. It may have been long and tiring, but we made it through the day.

Now comes the fifth day of COVID, and this one is one of the worst days. I wake up, eat breakfast, take some painkillers, and just lay there like every other day. My stomach starts hurting. I don’t know what it is, but it starts hurting real bad. I try every stretch, motion, and breathing technique but it only worsens. I try to throw up, take a dump, eat food, drink water, and yet my stomach isn’t feeling any better. This terrible stomach ache ends after around 2 hours of me squirming on my bedroom floor taking deep breaths to ease the pain. Fortunately, the stomach pain calms down and now it’s just the headache, body aches, fever, cough, congestion, and feelings of weakness like the other days.

Next day, I’m not feeling too bad. I still have a stuffy nose and feeling slightly weak, but overall, okay. I can survive the day without taking any medications but I decided to take a pain reliever just for fun. At this point, I’m really starting to miss the way things were before COVID. I miss hanging out with friends late at night, doing stupid things, or just singing our hearts out to nostalgic songs. I’m starting to feel like this isn’t the best start to the year that I’ve decided to go all out. However, this makes for a killer comeback. 

Yet another day of quarantining proceeds. This is the best I’ve felt all year. I’m able to breathe completely fine. Coughing doesn’t hurt one bit. I don’t feel like throwing up. And I’m barely feeling any body aches or headaches. I definitely don’t feel like I need medicine to go by. I just can’t wait to get out of quarantine. I want to go to work, see my friends, and go to the gym. I miss it. And the last days of my quarantine feel the same until I finish quarantining. 

At first, I was pretty bummed because I was feeling so crappy physically. Then I lost it mentally. Missing my friends, going to work, going to the gym, and just leaving the house. But as time went on, I started to realize that this might be the best start to the year. There’s only up from here. I was able to set my mind up and prepare myself for my “grind” year. I’m excited for everything to come this year. So even if your year may not have started off on the right note, don’t worry, it’s only up from here. I’m rooting for you! 

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