“Because You Lied” – Scene

JASON: Why? Why didn’t you run away? You mean nothing to me. It was all a lie. You’re supposed to run away. You’re supposed to never want to see me again. 

KIRSTEN: It’s because you lied to me. Your lies were the closest thing I’ve ever had to true love. 

JASON: But I can’t save you. There’s nothing I can do to help you. 

KIRSTEN: It’s okay. You already saved me. You’ve already helped me more than anyone else ever did. Your lies comforted me. Even if I knew they were lies, they made me feel alive. Like I mattered. 

JASON: But… 

KIRSTEN: Can I just ask for one more thing? My dying wish. 

JASON: Of course, it’s the least I can do.

KIRSTEN: Tell me you love me one last time. 

JASON: But it wouldn’t be real. It would only be another lie. 

KIRSTEN: Even if it’s a lie. It’s all I ever wanted, for someone to say they love me. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the truth, I just need you to see me. To see me for who I really am. 

JASON: I love you… And I’m sorry. 

KIRSTEN: Thank you. 

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