Becoming a ‘Yes’ Man

I’m trying to become a ‘Yes’ man. Instead of running away or doing what I’m comfortable with, I want to be able to say ‘yes’ to any situation that comes my way. Obviously, there are some exceptions when things go against my values and beliefs. My idea of a ‘yes’ man fits what I want to become because I want to be able to do anything. If someone asks for my help, I want to be able to help them the best way I can. If someone needs to learn something, I want to be able to teach it to them. I want to be someone who can do anything and everything. I understand that this is completely impossible and can become a toxic trait if I take it too far, but I just want to continue to explore and grow and learn and just take in as much as I can before it’s too late. 

The first step to becoming the ‘yes’ man I speak of is to learn and educate myself on more things. Despite cutting myself off of social media apps, I feel more in touch with the people around me than ever. I only see the reality, not some warped concept of what life could be, but isn’t. I’m reading more and more. Whether it be for school, my enjoyment, or trying to become more knowledgeable, reading has become a bigger hobby in my life. I like to dabble into different genres and authors so that I get to have a taste of all experiences that all kinds of readers get. I also have my sights on learning more about culture and different places. I’m working on traveling around the world. For starters, I bought tickets to go to New York for my birthday. Even if it’s still in the United States, I understand that the culture can be completely different from here in San Diego, California. Understanding the things and people around me are what I believe can be the greatest way for me to become a ‘yes’ man. 

Something that dawned my mind into becoming a ‘yes’ man is that I also need to understand myself. I need to know my own limits and potential. To know where I can expend my energy, time, and efforts for the most efficiency, profit, and fulfillment. Just a few days ago, I had the opportunity to get on stage and perform a song. It was barely any work at all, but it made me reminisce about performing on stage. I also have been working on creating music, practicing singing, and learning more about the art. It’s making me realize that I want to be an artist and how I truly love music and exploring my creativity. And although I will forever stand by the fact that I am an introvert, catching up with past friends and making new acquaintances always makes my day. Knowing what I am capable of and my values can help me say ‘yes’ to what I can do, and say no to things that I’m inadequate of doing or even more essential, would dislike doing. 

I think the biggest reason that I want to become a ‘yes’ man is to be more spontaneous and adventurous. I want to say “yes” to more opportunities and challenge myself to do more. I’ll admit that I am often scared of big changes in life, but I don’t want to let my fear stop me from the joy of trying new things. Even if something doesn’t go my way, I want to be proud of putting myself through it. One of the most admirable things that I like to see in other people are people who do anything that’s asked of them, not because they don’t want to miss out or feel guilty for saying no, but because they genuinely want to do it for themselves and not miss out on the opportunity to expand their experiences and mature themself. I want to expose myself to more of everything. And the best way I can do that is by having a ‘yes’ mindset.

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