My Progress So Far…

I set out to make 2022 to be the most hard-working year in my life. Here is how it’s going so far. 

One of the first aspirations I had when deciding what I wanted to accomplish in 2022 was to take school more seriously. While I do believe that I’m taking school far more seriously during this semester than I did in the last semester, I also know that I am still slacking in more ways than one. I did drop a class and I am also facing the number one enemy of every student ever, procrastination. But I do think that I am going to reach my goal of taking a certain amount of course units by the end of the year. I also am getting more understanding of what I want to accomplish by attending school and possibly attain a degree for a future career. 

Another wish I had was to be healthier. I reached many of my goals in the gym, with only specific goals in mind that I have yet to hit. I also believe that I still have strong discipline when it comes to what I am consuming, plus I have expanded my food palette in a healthy way. One particular way is that I am falling in love with acai bowls, which in my opinion is a decent alternative to ice cream. One downfall about pushing my body more than I ever have before is burning out. My body is starting to feel exhausted causing me to take extra rest days and pushing other schedules back. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be able to bench 225 lbs this year. I’m still going to work towards the goal, but I don’t expect to make it without making it one of my top priorities. I understand we’re only halfway, but I’m already proud of what I’ve done and just hope to continue working hard in the gym when I can. 

Arguably my biggest desire of the year was to expand and hone my creativity. To be completely honest, I feel as though I’ve been slacking the most in this particular grouping. However, I have started to learn that music is one of my passions. Out of all the instruments, I’ve been practicing the piano the most. I genuinely suck at playing the piano, but it is fun and I expect to work on playing the piano for as long as I can see in the future. I also have been messing around with the drums recently and have voiced my opinion on getting a guitar from my parents. I have also been singing a decent amount. I have sung for my church worship team a few times this year as well as even sang a song at my old high school for their culture night. In general, I have grown more comfortable singing in public and around other people. I haven’t been acting at all which is disappointing. The most I’ve done is act to musical soundtracks when I’m home alone. I’m also writing significantly less than I imagined I would have, as well as reading. However, I sincerely believe that I’ve come up with my best ideas in writing this year than before. Which include a theatrical play, an anime, and a movie. All of which are not finished to no surprise. Happily, I have taken an interest in a new form of art. Photography. I am looking forward to trying to take more photos. I’m not trying to become an expert or even good at it, I just want to do a better job of taking visual documentations of my experiences.

To be completely honest, I’m not too proud of my work this year so far. I definitely know that I haven’t been putting every single effort or second in achieving my goals this year. But I am content in knowing that I have been putting work in. And it’s motivating knowing that I genuinely want to keep improving myself every day. There have been some obstacles and hiccups along the way that I didn’t expect in the slightest. That’s life. I won’t make excuses for myself, but I also won’t stress myself out for not being perfect. One aspect of my life that I’m so proud of for growing is my foundation in God. I’ve faced the most difficult deterrents and unpredictable discouragements in my life. And even when I was lost and too tired or disoriented, I had a yearning to talk to God. To ask God for help and answers. I leaned and depended on God more than I’ve ever done before. Without him, I’d honestly be miles behind from where I am now. If you’re struggling to complete any goals or resolutions you set for yourself, don’t blame yourself too much. I’m praying for you and God is rooting for you. Let’s all get to the finish line together.

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