“We’re Both Winners” – Scene

PABLO: Hey, Esmerelda. Congratulations!

ESMERELDA: Pablo! I was looking for you.

PABLO: I was looking for you too! (beat) You killed it.

ESMERELDA: I don’t know. I was soooo nervous.

PABLO: Believe me. You went off! Anyone would be lucky to have you be a part of their team. 

ESMERELDA: Aww thank you. I really wish I got to see you perform.

PABLO: Wait, you didn’t get to watch us?

ESMERELDA: No, I had to help prepare for the next performance.

PABLO: Oh, that’s ok. I’m sure someone took a video of it.

ESMERELDA: I heard you did really well. Vivianna was telling me she thought you would win.

PABLO: Yeah, I thought we did pretty good too. But not as good as your band. Y’all were next level. 

ESMERELDA: Yeah, I know, what can I say, I’m born to be a winner.

PABLO: Wow, are you sure? We both know you were shaking because of how nervous you were backstage.

(They laugh.) 

ESMERELDA: It was so much fun. And the thing is we had to completely change our set like two days ago. And everyone was telling me your band was good, so I thought you would win instead of us.

PABLO: It’s all good. I’m kinda butthurt we didn’t even place. But I had a lot of fun too. I’m going to miss this.

ESMERELDA: Yeah, it’s our last band competition in high school. 

PABLO: I know, I’m happy but also sad that everything is ending so quickly. 


PABLO: I honestly really regret wasting my time in high school and doing nothing.

ESMERELDA: I do too. There’s so much that I would’ve loved to do.

PABLO: Same, I wish I was more involved but like most of all I just wish I made more friends. Cause honestly I’m just recently realizing how freaking cool and amazing everyone is. Like you.

ESMERELDA: You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met. I wish we started talking earlier, instead of waiting four years to realize how freaking cool we are. 

PABLO: Me too. Oh, I think your friends are calling you. You should go celebrate with them, you winner. 

ESMERELDA: We’re both winners.

PABLO: What did I win?

(ESMERELDA gives PABLO a kiss on the cheek, smiles, then walks to her friends.)

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