Becoming A Leader

Are you really ever ready to be a leader? Mentally? Spiritually? Physically? I mean you always hear “You’re never ready to be a parent.” You just have a kid and have to figure it out. And being a parent is being a leader. And I think you can say the same thing whether it’s being the leader of a business, a ministry, or even something that may not seem as significant as the leader of a club. I believe that everyone is born to be a leader, though it may look different for everyone. It may not be the president of a nation, but maybe you’re meant to be a teacher, which is essentially the leader of a classroom. Or maybe you’re meant to be a celebrity or influencer who can be seen as the leader of their fandom or a leader in their industry. In some way or form, everyone is meant to lead. 

As I exit my teens, and enter adulthood. I’m starting to see that becoming a leader is closer than I expected. Time feels as though it was flown by me and I had wasted it all. I feel as though all the time that I was being a follower, I had not learned enough or disciplined myself enough to become a leader. I had become comfortable with being a follower, that I forgot that one day I would need to lead a pack. 

As insignificant as it may seem to many people, I was a leader before. I was the president of a club in high school as well as a leader in our high school’s drama club, where I was also the lead in a play which was more responsibility than I had realized. I hadn’t realized the amount of people who are watching you. Or the amount of people who might depend on you to pull through. And the people counting on your commitment. Or that when the group is in times of need, that they would all look at you. I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. Being a leader can be hard. It can be scary. And that’s why I’m writing this. I need to get my nerves out before becoming an adult. I think adults are all leaders. Just happens that many adults suck at it. Whether or not we admit it, we all know friends that are full-fledged adults that aren’t good role models to the younger generation around them. They make the same mistakes they made in high school and seemingly turn a blind eye to their own immature decisions, never growing from them. That’s the kind of leader that I’m scared to be.

And often, the best advice I have for myself is to just do better. It’s easier said than done, but it is that simple. I just need to work harder. Commit more time and effort. Sacrifice more. Think of the bigger picture, not just myself. I may never be 100% ready to be a leader, but I know for a fact that I’m meant to be one.

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