“Six Months” – Scene


KARINA: What’s up! Everything okay?

JAYCE: Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you.

KARINA: About what?

JAYCE: I have news.

KARINA: Ooh, I love news.

JAYCE: Did you want the good or the bad first?

KARINA: I’ll take the good first.

JAYCE: Good news it is. I have a list. A list of everything I want to do for the next six months. And I want to do it all with you. We’ll be doing some really exciting stuff, some scary stuff, some stupid stuff. But I thought if I was doing it with you, it would be fun. How’s that sound?

KARINA: Over the next six months?

JAYCE: Yeah, we got six months. Why? Are you busy?

KARINA: No, that sounds amazing. I’d love to. 

JAYCE: Well, the bad news is…

KARINA: How about we forget about the bad news for now? 

JAYCE: But Karina…

KARINA: It just sounds like we have a lot to do. I was hoping we could just focus on the list. And when the bad news comes, we’ll deal with it. How’s that sound?

JAYCE: Thank you. 

KARINA: Don’t thank me yet. Come one, what’s first on your list?

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