Avoiding Someone I Like

Do you guys ever avoid someone you like? And no I don’t mean someone that you like-like. If you do happen to avoid your crush, that’s totally normal. Many people have done it at some point of their life, so don’t stress it. What I’m talking about is when you avoid someone that you admire. In my case(s), it’s because I like them so much, again, not romantically, that I don’t want to be overly attached or weird them off by making them think I am in love with them. 

I can think of one. No, two. Actually a handful of people in my life that I’d admired greatly but at times I would just find ways to escape talking with them. I’m not shy and I don’t lack confidence. But how do I know that they appreciate me the way I appreciate them, or if they’d even appreciate how much I appreciate them?

So it’s quite similar to avoiding someone you have a crush on, but frankly, it’s more terrifying. People often give advice to others about rejection. But it’s almost always about a romantic relationship. What happened to platonic relationships? 

Just last night, I avoided a girl that I have genuine endearment for. I didn’t initiate a greeting, a decent conversation, and something that can have immense value, a nice goodbye. At some point, even looking at her felt like I was being too invasive. Driving home after being around this girl, I couldn’t get it off my mind that I didn’t say anything nice to or give a big, warm hug to her. And the thing is, I’m guilty of doing this plenty of times before. This next one may be a slightly more romantic relationship, but I admit it was one-sided on my part. Some days I would talk endlessly with her or be extremely goofy with. Other days I wouldn’t even dare to stare at her, to the point that I think she felt like I was ignoring her or mocking her.

There’s quite an easy fix to this. And I’m sure you all can figure out how to stop avoiding someone you like, whether it be platonically or romantically. It’s simple. Stop avoiding them. It may be easier said than done and I understand that this isn’t some deep profound lesson or a fun fact, it’s something I just felt like writing and trying to get off my mind. If you made it this far, have a great day! God bless!

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