The Kid Inside

“I never want to grow up,” said my close friend in our senior year of high school. I used to think he was dumb and immature for saying that. Now, I find myself saying the same thing. The world forces us to grow up. Whatever that means. But never let the kid inside you die. Never lose the desire to dream big, believe without seeing, and be in awe of the ordinary. That’s what it means to never let the kid inside die.

Sometimes the world is overwhelming and it is easy to get lost in every single detail of life, especially as a young adult. We can no longer stroll through the week but instead must create a routine or follow a schedule in order to pay the bills or because everyone else is. We are caught in this never ending routine throughout college just to start another never ending routine for the rest of our lives. If that’s what it means to be an adult, I never want to grow up. 

I’m not praising being childish and immature, but I do commend the wonder that a child has. Imagine waking up and not having to worry about bills, health, and being successful. When your mind is clear, it’s open to new ideas and able to create ideas with no boundaries. When I was younger, I remember always asking questions and wondering how things came to be. Now, I sometimes find myself too afraid or hesitant to ask a question because of how it might make me seem to others around me. And it seems that many, if not all, kids seem to face a similar dilemma. Society has been driving students and kids to spend their most important years studying to work for the rich. This is a problem that I feel is becoming more apparent and outspoken in this generation, which is the first step in fixing it. 

When I was a kid, I dreamed of doing whatever I saw on TV. I wanted to be Spiderman, a detective, and even the first Filipino on the moon. I wanted to star in movies, write my own songs, and craft the next big thing. And everyday I try to keep that same amazement in everything I do. I make it a priority to stay in awe of all of God’s creations and in excitement of the new ones to come. While some dreams may seem impossible, we can all try to make the world a place where kids can wish for and achieve their dreams.

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